Dear Kiel GES 2011 guests

Dear GES 2011 guests,

you may notice, that some inhabitants of Kiel are not welcoming the Global Economic Forum and their guests. And you may ask yourself: Why is that?

There are a lot of reasons. Just one example is, that GES uses pupils to advertise its agenda and to promote companies that are known to have a very negative social an ecological impact:

  • Example of a public school (german)
The Veolia case
The ManPower case
Or ManPower Inc.  as a temporary work company.
The „new normal“ the „new reality“ , „the human age“ means that people around the world earn less and less.
The case against all of them
All of the guests and sponsors work together to exploit the world more than ever before. The GES is a symposium to organize exploitation. The sponsors are a clear sign about the real agenda. Sure no company wants to deplete their own ressources. this is the reason why environmental questions do have a place at the GES. Nonetheless  facts like only bloggers who have studied ecomic science are allowed to participate in a blogger challenge indicate that only economic thinking is a real value for the GES. Its all about value. Anybody who is participating in this symposium, if he or she knows it or not, is willing to help getting of more value of the land and from the people. Which always means that someone will have to pay. Because this is not about politics. It’s not about value for everybody. Its about more value for big companies and to preserve THEIR interests.
This is why many citizens of Kiel do not like the GES. Its not a personal thing, its about what you do here. Have fun.

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